LiveSAFETM offers you a series of Products that may be used in your homes, offices and schools to protect you, your loved ones and your colleagues from harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). Backed by extensive R&D, LiveSAFE TM offers a multi-layered radiation-reduction approach. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your home / office / school gets the perfect solution. Our technicians ensure hassle-free implementation. Post installation, we show you the reduction in levels of EMR in your premises.


Coating on ceilings and walls

Our patented primer helps reduce Cell Tower Radiation (Electromagnetic Radiation in the Radio Frequency Range) by up to 99% as per tests carried out at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Certified harmless to humans and pets by Nationally Certified Labs, this has been the most preferred solution to protect Living/ Working spaces from external sources of Electromagnetic Radiation. LiveSAFE TM Coating is an easy, inexpensive way to protect yourself from harmful levels of exposure to this contemporary pollution.

Aesthetically-appealing shield

Aesthetically pleasing, LiveSAFE TM‘s specially-treated mesh is in demand in many homes. It is safe, durable and affordable. A retro-fit, it is applicable in a variety of demanding environments. In testing conducted at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, the LiveSAFE coated Mesh was able to block up to 99.999% of incident Cell Tower Radiation (Radio Frequency Radiation).



Protection through windows

Capable of blocking radiation up to 99.99%, LiveSAFETM‘s Films offer the ideal way to shield you from Cell phone Tower Radiation coming through your windows. The Films offer high light through-put ensuring your Home/ Office gets up to 97% of incident light while offering up to 99% reduction of harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) Radiation as well! Extremely easy to install, and, durable LiveSAFE TM Films can be installed in a few hours for providing years of protection.