How real is radiation?

Today, radiation is as much a reality as air and water pollution. Technology-dependent modern living brings with it its cons and Cell Tower Radiation (CTR) is one that is closer than we are aware. The World Health Organization (WHO) reiterates what is confirmed by various studies: CTR or electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is real.

What you should know? The Cell Tower broadcast limit in India is 92,00,000 µW/M2 which is 92000 times the permitted limit in Australia. There are 6 Lakh existing towers in the country - a number likely to increase significantly with a projected increase of 1.5 Crore mobile users every month Being exposed to 1,00,000 µW/M2 and above of CTR for long durations has been found to cause asthma, autism, multiple sclerosis, cancer, brain tumours and Alzheimer’s disease. CTR is likely to be more than 100000 µW/M2 in many houses in densely populated Urban areas across India.>

Are you at risk?

Yes, if you and people around you never seem to lose a signal on your mobile phones. Yes, if you can see a cell phone tower in your vicinity.

Yes,say the various studies published by Top Organizations and Universities from accross the World. In India, the reality is much deeper than we are aware.

  • Risk in Adults - 25 % penetration of radiation
  • Risk in 10-year olds - 50% penetration of radi
  • Risk in 5-year olds - 75% penetration of radiation
  • Health concerns are aplenty with radiation becoming a part of our lives.

What LiveSAFETM can do for you

  • LiveSafe™ provides an end-to-end solution starting from evaluating CTR levels right at your doorstep to providing complete protection against harmful radiation. What’s more is that it is an inexpensive, tried and tested solution designed specifically for Indian homes and offices.
  • We, at LiveSafe™, have come up with a multi-layered radiation-reduction approach which is backed by extensive research and development. We have developed a host of products that reduce cell phone radiation that we are exposed to within our homes and offices.
  • LiveSafe™ coating which is a solvent-based high-frequency electromagnetic shield coating/paint is our patented solution guaranteed to safeguard your families from the harmful effects of CTR.
  • LiveSafe™ also has in its assortment protective curtains, meshes and other accessories. Our products are safe and are proven to deliver results. We have seen visible results of radiation reduction from 1,00,000 µW/M2 to less than 100 µW/M2 .

Use technology wisely:

  1. Don't keep the mobile handset on you, close to you or next to your head while sleeping or when you're not using it.
  2. Switch off Wi-Fi when not being used.
  3. Try to avoid sitting in the room with the router while it is being used.
  4. When dialling out or receiving a call on your mobile handset, wait for 3-5 Sec before placing the phone to your ear.
  5. Don't let your children use your cell phone as a toy.
  6. Keep your cordless phone at a distance when not in use

How LiveSAFETM has helped families